Villa Andromeda was built in 1870 by the Turkish Reuf Pasha, following the neoclassical architecture of the era. From 1897, during the period of the Cretan State 1897 – 1913, it was used as the German Consulate.

After the unification of Crete with Greece, and the exchanges of populations, many people from Chania bought houses in the area. One of them, Kyriakos Naxakis, grandfather of the current owner, bought Villa Andromeda in 1916 and stayed there with his family.

In 1940 it was used by the German military authority. At that time, General Rommel was hosted while operating in North Africa (El Alamein), wounded by the battle. During his stay has been built a small “pool” to bathe, which now adorns the beautiful garden of the Villa.

After the war’s end left in 1945 the building was returned to its owners.

In 1990 Villa Andromeda was renovated and turned into a traditional hotel.