The historicity of the building is reflected in all its interiors. During its renovation and conversion into a hotel, great attention was paid to the preservation, care and completion of all its special and authentic elements.

Elements such as painted ceilings, the coat of arms of the Ottoman Empire and the marble staircase. The atmosphere is complemented by authentic paintings, handmade rugs, antique furniture and a diffuse aristocratic simplicity.


The exterior of the hotel is dominated by a rich and all green garden with a variety of plants and trees. Beautiful corners are created between them, such as Rommel’s small cistern, which provide interesting alternations, relaxation and awakening of the senses.

The serenity of this protected garden is complemented by the coolness of the large and “satisfying” pool, and the joy of the small children’s one.

There is a comfortable seating area around them. There, you can enjoy your breakfast, your swimming and relax during the day and evenings.