Built in 1870


a neo-classic mansion


Villa Andromeda at Chania in Crete is a neo-classical mansion built in 1870. It has been very carefully restored so as to preserve its characteristic nineteenth-century architecture.
During the period of the  autonomous Cretan state (1897-1912), the villa andromeda housed the German consulate.
Nearby stood more mansions, including the consulates of the other great powers of the day,
the palace of Prince George (high commissioner of Crete), and the residence of Eleftherios Venizelos (later prime minister of Greece).
In 1940, the Villa Andromeda was used by the German military authorities and among those who stayed there as guests was field-marshal Rommel, Commander of the Afrika korps.

Discover the SUITE THAT FITS you !

The Villa Andromeda has eight self-contained luxury suites, discreetly and tastefully decorated, each of which can easily accommodate three to four guests. Each suite consists of a bedroom, a fully-fitted bathroom and a sitting-room, and is equipped with self-catering facilities, a mini-bar, television, telephone and air-conditioning. The Villa Andromeda has spacious parking areas for guests’ cars. As for the other amenities, the satisfaction on the faces of our guests is proof of the high standards we guarantee. Breakfast – taken where and when you choose – is a memorable experience: a range of all the hot beverages you could imagine, tasty home-made jams, and piping- hot croissants served on traditional white embroidered tablecloths.

The friendly service provided by the staff is only one aspect of the traditional hospitality of the Cretans, whose spontaneity and dynamic attitude towards friendship will always come as a pleasant surprise to visitors and give them opportunities for communication. Cretan hospitality is another of the reasons why guests will never forget their holidays in this ultra-modern hotel with its superb standard of service.



The villa andromeda is located in the Halepa district, just 1 km from the center of the town of Chania.
It stands on a prime site above the wonderful bay of Chania, looking out across the expanse of the Cretan sea.
Behind are the foothills of the towering white mountains – still snow-capped even in early summer –
while from the veranda there is a view down to the Venetian walls and old town of Chania,
with its houses of dressed stone bearing all the colors that the centuries have left.


New archeological museum of CHANIA


Eleftherios Venizelos Residence


Tampakaria (Tanneries) architectural monument


Venetian Harbour & Chania Old Town




In the interior of this historic building, the visitor will be impressed by the painted ceilings,
the white marble floors and the marble staircases.
The discreet furnishings, the hand made carpets and authentic paintings contribute to the creation of an environment
which is restful in its planned simplicity and in the comfort it offers.


Οne of the joys of Villa Andromeda is the huge all green garden, with its incredible variety of plants, which surround the hotel.
There are flowers in bloom, venerable trees, and in a clearing, the swimming pool, waiting to offer guests its cool waters on the hot summer days.
The swimming pool area, with comfortable seats around it beneath the parasols, is a perfect place to enjoy the Villa Andromeda breakfast.
The swimming – pool is also ideal in the evening, as the color’s of the sunset paint the sky.

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